In a world full of uncertainties, education remains the cornerstone of our society. We believe education is the passport to the future:

“Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcom X

Education is indispensable, the objective of all primary schools should be to appreciate and discover the pupil’s potential and aptitude.  

Our children are the future and as parents we want the best for them. The English Primary School ensures a safe and stimulating environment immersed in the English Language, where teachers work alongside parents to guarantee their child’s education.

Historically, the English Primary School began in Lucca in 2005, and since then has opened other branches in Massa and now Grosseto. The grand opening of the English Primary School of Grosseto is in September 2021. It offers a formatively rich and innovative curriculum based on the Italian Ministerial program but with the unique advantage of offering 50% of the school subjects taught in English by native English-speaking teachers.

Our school aims to develop inquisitive, independent and global thinkers by immersing students in creative and authentic experiences in both English and Italian.

Welcome to the English Primary School.


Antonelli Ambra