International Middle School

International Middle School

International Middle School

Our school and our objectives

Not only has today’s world radically changed from that in which our grandparents and parents lived, but it is also sometimes very different from the world of older siblings!

The changes in society, social relations, technology and work are evident and incredibly rapid.

School cannot remain “immune” to all these changes and should be the principal lever that governs these changes to check their expansion and effects.

Therefore, it is more than necessary to give our youngsters the tools to better help them in this world, full of infinite information – often false rather that true – where everything seems easy and obtainable without effort and method, only to realize later that everything is more complicated and reaching objectives is more complex than before.

How can we help our children to become citizens of the world, skilled and confident to give their own contribution, anticipating and interpreting new needs and proposing new solutions? 

To reply to this question, we have created the International Middle School, a private and International school that maintains strong links with the area, the Italian culture but at the same time open to innovations, internationalization and new methods of communication. 

From our 40 years of school experience, it is clear that in recent times, the need for a modern secondary school to meet the demands of many families, in terms of safety, innovation and internationalization, has become apparent.

Thus, the International Middle School is based on these three aspects:

  • Tradition and experience
  • Focus on individual students
  • Innovative didactic methods with a British imprint