Educational policy

Educational policy

Our nursery School “Il Cucciolo” is constantly renewing itself on the basis of the care and development of the child and in the training and professional development of its teachers.

Our private Nursery School is recognized as part of the National State nursery school system with Ministerial Decree  27/11/2007, no.12, fulfilling all the requirements of the State system.

One of our main objectives is to offer a high quality of education with flexible hours to meet the needs of the families. We have created an interesting and stimulating environment, capable of valorising the potential of the individual child through learning experiences.

We give importance to the assimilation of the English language through play under the guidance of our mother-tongue teachers.

Our educational policy is based on John Dewey’s theory: "we learn what we live”, centred on the child’s individuality, independence and capacity to learn through manual and creative experiences. 

Our primary objective is to offer an amiable environment, where conditions are conducive to learning, allowing the child’s intelligence and curiosity to develop naturally. 

Our didactic project puts the child in first place, often allowing him/her the opportunity to take initiatives in the learning situation.

Our Nursery School “Il Cucciolo” accepts children who have reached the age of three years before 30th April and we propose the following objectives and criteria of an excellent school:

•    Offering a serene and well-balanced environment, capable of caring for the psycho-physical development of the child besides his/her social skills;
•    Employing highly competent and professional teaching staff to guarantee a stable and inviting environment out-with the family one;
•    Employing new and well organized educational models;
•    Offering close contact with parents, welcoming their participation and confrontation.

Our method, shared by our teaching team, sees the child endowed with potential, capabilities and at the centre of the learning process, where he/she is allowed to express him/herself and leave his/her own imprint.