12 studenti del Liceo Internazionale Quadriennale stanno trascorrendo un'intera settimana alla The Eastbourne Academy, college inglese con indirizzo Science and Digital Technologies presso Eastbourne,

Eastbourne è un'accogliennte località balneare di circa 100.00 abitanti, ubicata sulla costa sud orientale dell'inghilterra, nell East Sussex. I nostri studenti frequentano la Eastbourne Academy, molto rinomata nella zona. Partecipano attivamente a tutte le attività proposte seguendo uno studente- "buddy" nella sua giornata: lezioni, attività extra scolastiche, club studenteschi e molto altro! La sera poi i ragazzi tornano nelle loro famiglie ospitanti, ovviamente inglesi, per far si che questa esperienza sia una vera "full immersion" nell' Inglese. Vivere l'Inghilterra da studenti in divisa sa un po' di serie tv, lo sappiamo! Per soddisfare la vostra curiosità troverete qui sotto some "travel notes" del viaggio. #staytuned

  • h 7.50 pm, 04/11/19

Buonasera a tutti da Eastbourne! Siamo tutti rientrati nelle nostre famiglie per ora di cena! Dopo scuola abbiamo fatto un giro in centro città anche se il tempo non ci ha voluto bene: ha piovuto costantemente e intensamente. Sappiamo però che piove anche a Lucca! Comunque speriamo domani sia una giornata migliore per poter visitare un po' la cittadina, Eastbourne sembra davvero molto pretty despite the rain! A domani,



  • h 7.50 pm, 05/11/19

FULL DAY in Eastbourne! Today we woke up at 6 am.. we put on our school uniform and after having a quick breakfast we headed out. We walked for about 10 minutes, and once we got to the meeting point (which was the hall of the school) we all gathered together and matched with our buddies.

bus stop

We attended different classes, some of them don’t even exist in the Italian school system, such as computering, performing arts, PS, tutoring, and a lot more. The teaching method in this school is really interesting and unusual:everyone uses their ipads to study and do homeworks given by the professor.

To get in the class you have to line up and wait outside until the teacher comes. Once you get in, the first thing that you have to do is the three exercises written on the board, the first one is the easiest while the third one the hardest. By doing them the teacher can check and see if the students studied for that day and are prepared for the next topic.


There are two breaks, 30 minutes each where you can gather with your friends and have lunch/a snack, the break time is also the only moment where you can use your mobile phone, which is allowed to school but you must not use it during class time. PE is also different from our school: males and females get divided in two different groups and everyone has to be quick at changing their school uniforms into the gym ones, because the school is very strict about being on time.

Before leaving school, everyone, everyday has a 20 minutes class called ‘tutoring’ which is a sort of summary where a teacher talks about a pretty much random topic (it can be any subject) to see the current level of the students on that specific argument. There are also afternoon club activities, that we haven’t attended yet, where you can choose the activity that you find the most interesting (such as cooking, science, drama, dance, music, sport, computer club and so on).

academy 2

Late afternoon we finally got to come back home, where our host family was waiting for us. We are so glad that we found such a nice and lovely family like this, we’re really enjoying this exchange in England!!

-Clarissa, Micol

  • h 6.50 pm, 06/11/19

gruppo in divisa

We woke up around 6:30 AM...again! I must admit my brain didn’t wake up until later that morning! After a quick breakfast, we left home to catch the bus. Javier and I arrived at school on time, and rapidly went to find our new friends. After class, we decided to go downtown for a walk and get to know the city better. We later returned home,just in time for a great dinner. Our family cooked a traditional english dish....Must admit, it was delicious! Also, they are a very welcoming and lovely family. We couldn’t appreciate more what they’re doing for us. For Javier and I , this trip has been a great opportunity; we have engaged with a new culture, although it has some similarities with ours. Moreover, we have met many great people who we will always remember and hopefully keep as friends. I think I speak for all of us, when I say that we are thankful for this trip and experience and for the help and welcoming people we have had over these days.

-Javier e Aurelio

  • h 6.50 pm, 07/11/19

We woke up late this morning, so we went to school without breakfast. Despite that we we managed to get to school before classes began. After spending all morning at school we decided to go downtown for a short while because in the evening we would go bowling! When we arrived to the city center... it started to rain, as it's common here. So we went to Starbucks and McDonald's to eat a sandwich. After that we went shopping and bought sweatshirts and jeans, taking another bus later, back home. After a quick shower we were ready to bowl!We went bowling all together, inviting also the host family of Rossi and Mallegni. After a bowling game we went to do laser games,splitted into two teams. It was a lot of fun to be able to play all together... even though my team lost! After this beautiful evening we returned home very tired so after a few minutes we immediately fell asleep.


bowling 1


  • h 6.50 pm, 08/11/19

Today we woke up at 7 a.m. We wore our clothes, we brushed our teeth and later we started to walk to school. We spent all the day at school and later we took the bus to the city center and there we took the train for Brighton. In Brighton we went shopping and we bought lots of souvenirs for our family and friends in a big shopping mall. Inside there were many shops, from video games stores to famous designer clothes botiques. Afterwards we went down to the beach to see the sea. It was to saw very beautiful but it was also very cold!! The city center was amazing, with lots of small street and small traditional shops and restaurants. Later in the afternoon we came back to Eastbourne and we had dinner in McDonald’s because all the other restaurants were closed. After dinner...time to come back home... and unfortunately pack our luggages, the week is about to end..