Scientific High School

Scientific High School

The main aim of the biennial study plan is to provide knowledge, competence and multi-disciplinary basic skills referred to the proposed subject areas.

The curricular path is structured in  Subject areas indicating each subject, annual number of hours and number of hours per week for each subject.

Innovative subject elements

The school year is structured in two terms, both divided into two modules of 7-8 weeks each with an interval of a one-week break.

The modules favour the set up of  re-sitting exam courses as well as extra-curricular activities such as didactic projects, visits to enterprises, lectures by professionals and integration of the curricular subjects.

 The study plan offers subjects in line with the traditional course with a particular attention to the development of linguistic skills, as to favour possible access to International study courses.

The education provided is correlated to further disciplines aimed to guarantee linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge linked to the world of work.

Subject areas      Subjects

1st Year  

         2nd year

Linguistic Area

Italian language and literature

4 4

Latin language and literature

2 2

Foreign language Area

English language and literature

4 4    

French/Spanish language and literature

3 2

Mathematics Area

Maths 5 5

Scientific Area

Physics 2 3

Natural Sciences

2 2
PE 2 2

Humanistic area

History and Geography

2 -

Law and Economics (CLIL)

1 2

History of Art and Art (CLIL)*

3 2


- 2


- 2

Catholic Religious education

1 1

 NB the choice of the second language is based on the max. number of applicants.

*Subjects taught in English NB.


We give particular importance to two non-linguistic disciplines; law and political economy + International communication, in English in the first two years and the systematic compilation of a bilingual glossary in the other non-linguistic subjects with the aim of enriching the students’ vocabulary and specific lexicon.




Continuously updated and diversifying in teaching methods focused on the student as the main protagonist in class, our programmes, for each subject, have been developed with strict reference to the National high school indications.

Our teaching organization is aimed at integrating the various subjects through dialogue.

Our language programmes – English, French and Chinese – also offer preparatory courses for the achievement of certificates within the European frame work; First Certificate for English; DELF for French; DELE for Spanish.