Dear Parents,

let me welcome you to our schools, where I am certain your children will spend the most memorable years of their life. Since our Crèche opened in 2005, we have welcomed hundreds of children, including my own. Today, our crèche continues to be an integral part of life for the very young and for their parents.
Our nursery school, also opened in 2005, has also grown in the number of children attending, as well as in offering more creative spaces, tools and professional teachers,

From 2018, we have also an International section, where all the activities are carried out in the English language.

As numerous studies show, the ability to speak one or more languages allows the child to be more creative and efficient; the best period to develop bilingualism is in the first five years of life. 
For this reason, we have created an educational project in which English becomes a fundamental and integral part of the child’s development. 

As Headmistress, but also as a mother, I feel the duty to give our children all the tools we believe necessary for their future. Of these, the knowledge of “everyday” English is absolutely necessary as it is synonymous with a major tolerance and a wide way of thinking towards other cultures. English, being the global language, will foster social and professional advantages in their future.

In the years your children will attend our schools, they will experience contrasting emotions, situations from positive to negative ones, from difficulties to successful achievements – both individually and as part of their group. In all of this, they will be accompanied by their teachers and educators, who not wishing to act as parents, but at the same time acting as role models in the child’s development; giving answers to each child’s innate curiosity and stimulating learning instead of only imparting knowledge.

In our ideology, a child is someone surrounded by affection, comprehension and support, but at the same time independent. The child is accompanied during the discovery of his/her world, the diversity of his/her companions and his/her own uniqueness. A child who takes an active part in everything, but although being an individual, his/her creativity must be cultivated in all directions.  

From as early as Crèche, we stimulate the diverse skills of each child, encourage his/her growth and valorize his/her strong points, allowing him/her to learn through confrontation and reciprocal respect.

 You, as parents, will also “embark” on this memorable life journey, along with your children through joys and fears.

My sincerest best wishes to all, 

Eimear Muireann Marnell