Bilingual Nursery School

Bilingual Nursery School

Our nursery School “Il Cucciolo” is at the forefront of educational practices and devoted to the care and growth of toddlers. Having obtained national state nursery school equivalency in 2007, our private nursery school permits families to enjoy the benefits of annual economic reductions offered by the town municipality.

“Il Cucciolo” offers a stimulating environment in which young children can naturally develop and expand their knowledge and skills through various experiences.

The structure and layout of the classrooms and play areas have been carefully designed to provide specific learning centers, allowing children to play and explore while cultivating social, educational and physical skills.

The classroom is divided into learning centers or defined areas with specific focusses, which allow children to obtain knowledge through hands-on play and exploration using carefully chosen materials and objects. Some examples of learning centers include the literacy corner, dramatic play center, craft center, and building block center.

There are also specifically designated rooms for sleeping, physical education, and lunch.

“Il Cucciolo” welcomes toddlers from 30 months to 6 years of age.