Our Continuity Project

Our Continuity Project

Our Continuity Project is the link between nursery school and primary school, that guarantees the children a complete and structured course, through organised activities, confrontation and shared projects.

The shared educational project in all the stages of our schools allows a comfortable transition from one level to another, eliminating uneasiness and difficulties, both for children and families

This transition from one school to another is very often “a big step”: new school, teachers, classmates.

This is why our Continuity Project is aimed at helping parents and children deal with the problems of “changing” schools, by making the transition more gradual, serene and enthusiastic.

The role of the teacher in this phase of school life is imperative to ensure continuity and for this reason our teaching staff, both in the Nursery and Primary school, work together to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere through play and structured activities.

Our Continuity Project – Nursery School/Primary School

Our Continuity project is developed over two meetings every month, one of which is entirely dedicated to the pre-primary school class. The children in the last year of nursery school take their “exercise book” (especially realized for this purpose) and complete it with the children and teacher of the first primary school class. During these meetings, the nursery school children will approach  more formal activities, preparing them for reading, writing and counting. 

The second meeting is dedicated to creativity and developing linguistic and social skills. After the reading of a shared-experience story, the children have to re-tell and draw it in sequence, enabling them to build up their linguistic, temporal-spatial and logic skills as well as encouraging them to read.


Our aim is to valorize the already acquired skills, according to the age and individuality of each child, by preparing workroom activities, based on work-play, making the most of their enthusiasm and desire to learn new things.

Through the aspect of play, the Nursery school children will gradually become more familiar with the more “formal”  type of lessons of Primary school, the looking after of their books and school materials, activities using the interactive white board, thus preparing them to happily approach Primary School.