Continuity Project

Continuity Project

What do we mean by Continuity Project?

Our Continuity Project is the link between Crèche and Nursery school, between Nursery school and Primary school, that guarantees the children a complete and structured course, through organised activities, confrontation and shared projects.

The shared educational project in all the stages of our schools allows a comfortable transition from one level to another, eliminating uneasiness and difficulties, both for children and families

This transition from one school to another is very often “a big step”: new school, teachers, classmates.

This is why our Continuity Project is aimed at helping parents and children deal with the problems of “changing” schools, by making the transition more gradual, serene and enthusiastic.

The role of the teacher in this phase of school life is imperative to ensure continuity and for this reason our teaching staff from Crèche and Nursery work together to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere through play and structured activities.


Continuity project Crèche-Nursery school 

The transition from one school level to another, represents an extremely delicate moment for its implications on a psychological, affective, social and relational plane.

We believe it is essential in this phase to guarantee the continuity of the educative process by proposing a programme that respects the potential of each child, strengthening, maintaining and enriching his/her acquired skills.

The vertical continuity is therefore  not only a passing on of information but is organized into a valid educational project. The aim of this project is to favour a complete informative course, valorize individual skills, create situations conducive to learning and improve relations between staff and parents.


To create meetings and exchanges, favour a welcoming atmosphere for children of different ages and stimulate curiosity towards a new environment, overcoming awkwardness through awareness and cooperation.