Our Continuity Project

Our Continuity Project

Going from Primary school to Middle school represents a particularly delicate phase for youngsters, considering their psycho-physical changes from childhood to pre-adolescence. 

The English Primary School has created the “Continuation Project” with the aim of helping the pupils to bridge the gap from Primary school to Secondary school. We believe it is fundamental to guarantee a serene environment, creating the ideal conditions to start a new school experience with minimum stress.

With this project, we try to give our pupils a sense of continuity, while moving from one school stage to another, by enabling our teaching staff to follow each child’s development and intervene promptly if problems should arise.

PROJECT PLAN - Primary School/Middle School

This is a project that unites the pupils of the English Primary School with those of the International Middle School

The aim of this project is to give pupils of the 5th class the opportunity to get to know their Secondary school, not only from a physical point of view (classrooms, labs..) but above all as a learning environment, to foster new relationships between pupils and teachers.

For the pupils of the Secondary School, our intention is to develop their sense of responsibility, sense of belonging, collaboration and duty.  

The project is carried out throughout the year with a weekly meeting, when fifth-year pupils attend the first-year class of the International Middle School where they are divided into groups in order to carry out various activities in the English language.


  • To guarantee the continuity of the education between primary  and secondary school. 
  • To create initiatives, allowing pupils to interact with their peers and teachers from middle school. 
  • To create a common link between the teaching staff of both schools thus favouring communication, continuity and didactic.
  • To boost parents’ participation in school life.