In today’s society, the available information we have is practically infinite, while the certainties are very few. We believe that education is the passport to the future: 

“Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Malcolm X

Education is everything, the objective of every primary school should be to realize and explore the pupil’s potential and talent. 

Our children represent our future and as parents we wish the best for them. At the English Primary School, we want to work with you to guarantee their education in a serene, safe, stimulating environment immersed in the English language. 

Our English Primary School is a private school which opened five years ago. It offers a formative, unique and innovative curriculum based on Italian Ministerial programmes but with 50% of the school hours in the presence of English Mother tongue or bilingual teachers.

Our school aims at developing the pupil’s best attitudes through rich, innovative and creative experiences, fully immersed in the English language, as well as in their mother tongue. 

Welcome to the English Primary School.

Eimear Marnell