The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee identifies the general objectives and the strategic lines in agreement with the Management.

It fosters the constant innovation of the tools and didactic procedures; it is involved in the layout of the formative offer and of the development of the tools and of the staff’s personal assessment procedures. It includes people from the entrepreneurial, juridical-economic and academic world who guarantee the quality of the school’s formative offer and development of International partnerships which is our flagship.

Monika Pelz

President of the Scientific Committee – degree in History and Political Sciences at  Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universitat of  Munich (Germany). In 1994, she specialized at Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.
Director of Studies at Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici, Pisa, Professor and translator of scientific documents, with her experience she is the pivotal figure of the linguistic area.


Cristina Galeotti

Business consultant registered in the Order of Lucca, President of Assindustria Lucca, member of the Board of Directors of Banco Popolare and Administrator of Cartotecnica Galeotti SPA, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce in Lucca, she supports the Committee in relations with enterprises.

Giuseppe Colosio

Thanks to his long and formidable experience in schools – as a teacher, Headmaster, Superintendent and later General Director of the School Office of Lombardy -contributes with his competence to the realization of intercultural projects at LIQ.

Anne Bourgeais

Headmistress of  LIQ for the first two years, she has collaborated with the EU and American and Australian multinationals of Information Technology cultivating significant experiences in multicultural and ultra-modern contexts.

Anne’s choices have always been regulated by her consideration of the students, giving them the correct tools to make the most of their study time, therefore increasing their independence and productivity. 

In particular, the Scientific Committee:

  • Supervises the selection of teachers.
  • Verifies with the teachers the didactic tasks and the layout of programmes.
  • Coordinates the didactic layout and the supplementing among different skills.
  • Gives advice to families and students both before the enrollment and during the entire study course.
  • Develops partnerships on a domestic and International level.
  • Develops and coordinates conferences and seminars.
  • Identifies Student Angels and coordinates their activities.